Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Since my younger sister had croup several times as a child, I remember the symptoms. I remember my mom sitting on bean bag chairs with blankets in the bathroom with my sister, the shower on hot and the humidifier running, to help her breathe. I've prayed that I never have to do that with my child, as it's so scary to watch someone struggle to breathe.

While it was a mild case, there I was with Cameron last night, huddled up on the bathroom floor with some blankets and pillows at 2:30am, hot shower running, praying that it would go away. Greg was out of town for work overnight, so I was on my own with him, and I'll admit that I was scared.

I brought him back to bed with me and had the humidifier running all night. There wasn't a lot of sleep going on though. He'd toss and turn, play air drums, and reach for the remote, asking to turn on the tv. I'd lay there, watching to see if his eyes were closed yet, analyzing every breath. Is he making that noise because he's breathing through a congested nose? Or is he wheezing?

Thankfully, he's acting like his normal, happy self this morning (amazing, on such little sleep). While eating a late breakfast just now, I asked him if he had a good sleep. He said "Yes." I said "You did? I didn't have a good sleep." and he asked "Why you didn't have a good sleep?" and I said "Because someone was tossing and turning and kicking in my bed last night. Do you know who it was?" and he said "Hmmm. Not me-e." (said in a sing-song type of voice)......ha!

The air drummer is back to his usual tricks this morning...and for that, we are all very thankful.

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