Saturday, March 27, 2010

A sweet story and a funny one

Tonight as I was getting Cameron undressed for the bath, he looked at me and said, "Mommy? You take good care of me." My heart has officially melted.

And for the funny story...The other night while Greg was out of town for work, Cameron and I walked up the hill to Greg's brother's house to visit. It's only about half a mile, but a pretty steep hill. So we were about 3/4 of our way up the hill (with me pushing nearly 35 lbs in the stroller) and I'm beginning to have trouble catching my breath. I point out a cat on a fence to Cameron, gasping for air between nearly every word. He turns around in his stroller, looks up at me, and asks, "Mommy? Are you having a rough time?" I replied, "Yep!" and he, as any nearly three year old would, asked "Why?" and I told him it was because I needed to exercise more often. So now he keeps talking to me about exercise. :-)

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