Thursday, July 23, 2009

Continuing the Sunland recap

Greg, my dad, and our neighbor Norm played golf on Wednesday morning. My mom, sister, Cameron and I took the boat out to the beach, and the guys met us there after they were done playing golf.

Mom was a little nervous taking the boat out without Dad, but Debbie and Parrish were at the beach already, so P helped anchor the boat, which made it much easier. And Cameron was there to 'help' her drive, so I'm sure felt better about it with him there! ;)

Greg had been bugging me all week about letting him take Cameron out on Deb and P's Seadoo. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous about the idea. I've never ridden it, and don't know how stable it is. I was afraid it would tip and they'd fall off. However, I talked to P about it more, and he told me he's never once tipped it over, which made me feel much better about the idea. I decided to let Greg take Cam out....and Cam LOVED it. He kept his hands right where Greg told him to, and he talks about the 'Doo' all the time now!

After a long day at the beach, and his big ride on the SeaDoo, Cameron was wiped out and fell asleep in my arms on the boat ride home, sunglasses and all.

After dinner, Cameron rallied and was ready to play again! He was running around the backyard with the dogs and Grandma while the rest of us sat on the patio enjoying our wine and the beautiful evening.

More to come later...Cameron and I are off to Gymboree class!


Mike and Leah Holden said...

Welcome to Blogging!!! Love seeing your cute family pictures! ; )

Ellen Shumate said...

My goodness where in the world has time gone that little Cameron is not so little anymore. He is adorable!!