Monday, April 11, 2011

Pantry Makeover

Hi All! I wanted to share a quick one-day project. I did this the weekend before my surprise surgery, when I was still pregnant with the twins. I started by cleaning out/organizing my pantry, but once it was all empty, I realized what bad shape the paint was in, and thought to myself "If I'm going to have two babies in 7 months, who knows when I'll ever get around to painting it"...and so my quick organizing project turned into a full-blown makeover. This is what we started out with....deep shelves FULL of dry goods and snacks. Boxes with only one granola bar, taking up tons of space. A jar of animal crackers that expired last summer. You get the point. It was in desperate need of cleaning.

This is what my kitchen looked like mid-project. Are you kidding me?! How did ALL that stuff fit in my two and a half foot wide pantry?!

This is what it looked like all taped off, shelving removed, ready for paint.


The finished product!

The paint color is Ralph Lauren's Burlap, from their Naturals collection. We have one wall in our family room this color, and had extra paint in the garage, so that made the decision easy. ;-)

The white bins are from Target, and they're fabulous. Great price point, come in 3 sizes, and as you can see on the top shelf, they're stackable. Love!

And on the bottom shelf, you can see I have my Modular Mates from Tupperware. I love this set. I keep my flours, sugars, oats, etc in them, and everything stays so fresh. A great thing to have in the pantry.

And there you have it. If it weren't for the painting (drying time, really) this project could have been done in a few hours, tops. Easy project, but it makes me smile every time I open the door!

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